2015 Awards Banquet Recap

For those of you who couldn’t make it… What a night!
Doors opened at 5:30, we started eating at 6:00 –
Meatball Ziti, Vegetarian Baked Spaghetti, Sausage & Peppers over Butter Pasta, Italian Bread & Alfredo Dipping Sauce, Stop Light Cuppy Cakes & A Rice Crispy KYSCCA Tire dessert.
Cash Bar courtesy of KObartending
Live Music by the Kevin Cummings Band
At the Jeffersontown Community Center

Thank you Russ Coleman for MCing and giving out our trophies and your lovely wife Kim for being our Vanna White. Our original plan was to be in the Jefferson Room instead of the Watterson Room (3X as big) so the volume of the band was louder than expected but we hope everyone still enjoyed the night. See you April 9th or sooner! – Annie Steinke

Jamey McDaniel – Regional Executive
Brian Mason – Activities Director
Richard Sinnock – Treasurer/Board Member
Dave Melton – Solo Chairman/Board Member
Josh Murphy – Chairman of The Board/Board Member
Eric Brown – Board Member
Shawn Lambert – Board Member
Nathan Steinke – Board Member
Annie Steinke – Secretary/Membership Director

It takes a village and we are unbelievably grateful for everyone in the club and all their contributions. Cheers to a fun-filled 2016 Autox Season.

For more information or to become more involved in the “behind the scenes” action please consider attending our board & membership meetings.

(Locations TBA)
or Facebook! 
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BS – Gary Niles
CS – Dave Melton
ES – Adam Norton
FS – Jeremy Lynn
GS – Jonathan McGregor
HS – Rich Sinnock
STO – Russ Coleman
2ND PL. Craig Moulton
STS – Tom Coyle
STX – Shawn Lambert
2ND PL. Ray Dsouza
STR – Stephen Lee
2ND PL. Chris Schork
STU – Mike Salvo
SSP – Dave Munsterman
ASP – Armando Manzo
BSP – Daniel Huggins
CSP – Joey Gumer
DSP – Eric Ruedel
CAMX – Steve Woods
Cam C- Brian Shelley
2ND PL. Russell Wood
3RD PL. Brian Preston
EP – Charles Hughes
SMF – Scott Wright
SM – Nathan Steinke
2ND PL. Michael Neat
3RD PL. Jeff Smith
ROY – Brian Shelley
DOY – Adam Norton
Bucket of Bolts – Jeff Smith
Conehead – Brian Preston
Dorothy Killebrew – Bridget Csizmar
Sportsmanship & Outstanding Achievement William E Hughes Award – Dave Melton


Brian Shelley
Joe Day
Joey Gumer
Tatsuo Noda
Nathan Steinke
Rich Sinnock
Josh Murphy
Tom Coyle
Michael Neat
Josh Alexander
Annie Steinke

2016 Solo Schedule Update

Please note we do not have the current 2016 Solo Schedule finalized but for those of you penciling your calendars our first event will probably be in April.

Hope everyone makes it to the banquet where we will be releasing the schedule!


Membership/Board Meeting updates

Hey gang, sorry for the delayed update. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season and like me, counting down the days to autox season.

The November & December board meeting was combined with our last membership meeting at kingpin in jtown and in January we will resume normal dates. 1st Thursday of every month is our membership meeting and the last Wednesday is the board meeting. Both are open to members and non-members alike who want information, have ideas, and folks looking to get involved with/about the club’s happenings. Both meetings begin at 7:00pm EST.

Right now KYR leadership is working on THE 2016 SOLO schedule and site management. If anyone can help with acquiring new sites or resurrecting old ones please let us know!

Happy Holidays – Annie Steinke

LS FEST 2015

KYSCCA is once again hosting the autox at LS Fest at Beach Bend.
We have a sign-up below for any/all members willing to participate one, two or even all three days we will be down there.
LS Fest is a huge opportunity for us to gain new membership and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of giant LS Engines!
Each day you work you will be provided water, gatorade, lunch and dinner and can crash in one of the rooms with other members if need be.
You will also receive one free KYSCCA AUTOX for each day you work.
PLEASE let us know if you have any questions click the signup below to join us for a great weekend!


Dave Melton – Solo Chairman

2016 Election Announcement

Greetings KYSCCA!

It is that time of year again and by THIS THURSDAY, September 3, 2015 @8:00PM EST @KingPin in Jtown your nominations are due, via email to: evildky@yahoo.com with your SCCA # and nomination.
EVERY KYSCCA MEMBER is eligible to nominate themselves or another member (who must also accept the nomination but the same deadline)

Dave Melton, Shawn Lambert & Eric Brown will remain on the board for 2016 based on their term date. All other current board/leadership members will be re-running for their seat:

Board Member:
Josh Murphy
Nathan Steinke
Rich Sinnock

Jamey McDaniel

Brian Mason

Rich Sinnock

Annie Steinke

Your Ballot will be sent via snail mail based on your address given to the SCCA.

Votes will be returned either by snail mail or you can bring your ballot to the Membership Meeting, October 1, 2015 where at 8:00pm EST the Election Committee will tally and announce your 2016 leadership.

For additional questions about the Election or any other KYSCCA happenings please join us, THIS THURSDAY @KingPin Lanes in Jtown @7:00PM EST for our monthly membership meeting.

~Annie Steinke
Secretary – KYSCCA