KYSCCA Fun Event 3 Event Chair Review.

Fun Event #3 @KFEC October, 12, 2014

Despite a depressing forecast, and a constant threat of rain, the KYSCCA Fun Event #3 went off without a hitch on what turned out to be a beautiful, cool, partly cloudy day.  The threat of bad weather lead to a smaller than normal turnout of 57 competitors, but it did not water down the competition across the classes and in the Final PAX and Raw Time contests.  First car was off at 10:30am, 5 runs for everyone, and the trailer was packed and people were heading to El Nopal early enough to get a margarita before the afternoon NFL games kicked off.

The course was fantastic, using a cross-over design to have a 45 second course on a relatively small lot.  The first half was very fast, and the second half was very interesting.  Thanks to some dirt, mud, and sand accumulation in one section we got our first taste of RallyX in the KY Region.  Dust clouds, tail slides, and some crazy drifting made it all the more exciting. A great preview to the 2015 season when we hope to host our region’s first RallyX.

As for the results, it was Slam(bert) Dunk for the #76 STX RX8.  Shawn put together a smoking 42.539 in the first heat which held on to be the #1 PAX and the #1 Raw Time.  It was a Colemanesque performance to grab all the hardware.  (Just ask him about that one time in CKR, trust me he’ll tell you all about it).   Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the return of the famous “Stephen Lee’d” by none other than the Stephen Lee in SMF!

Up next for KYR is the Inaugural National Corvette Museum event on October 26th at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowlling Green, KY.  If you have not registered yet, do so now and save $10 HERE.  There is also a Test & Tune on the site that Saturday, October 25th beginning at approximately 12:00 CST. 3 runs will be $10, cash only and YES, you will be able to register, tech & walk the course Saturday! Join us for the first of many future events at this awesome new event site in the KY Region!

Eric Brown – 2014 Ford Focus ST


Showdown Event Recap PE10

KYSCCA Points Event #10
This was the last point event of the year and many championships for classes and Diver of the Year was up for grabs.

A dry and breezy morning welcomed over 80 autocrossers to the UPS Grade Lane Lot where we had two heats and six runs each.

Excitement was in the air as the 2014 Driver of the Year would be decided between Raymond Dsouza, Shawn Lambert and Adam Norton. With only a 3.5 point lead, Adam pulled out a win. Congratulations!

We had a large number of new faces and a large group for the novice walk. We would like to thank everyone who helped our newer folks have a great KYSCCA event experience. We did have a technical issue with the timing system that the club board is reviewing how the club may improve on recovery time for future events.

Thanks to Jam Pan food truck for providing delicious Jerk Pork and Chicken. It was a quick and easy lunch for the club. We look forward to having them back!
Overall, we had a fun and sa
fe event. We would like to encourage you to come out to our remaining Fun Events still to come in October. See you there!

Armando Manzo, PE10 Event Chair


KY Presence 2014 SCCA Nationals

The SCCA National Championships are held each year in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Lincoln Airpark. The Airpark is a massive concrete surface with enough space for two 60-plus second courses, two grids, a practice course, and a huge paddock that supports over 1,200 cars.

This year’s events started on August 30th with the Pro Solo Finale. For those of you new SCCA Solo a Pro Solo is a combination of the best features of drag racing and autocross, with head-to-head elimination races against another driver on the opposite, mirrored course. The racers are signaled to start their run by a drag-race-style ‘Christmas Tree’ and the first driver to the finish wins the match-up.
The top 32 drivers from open class qualifying on Saturday and Sunday morning are seeded in a single-elimination Super Challenge bracket for Sunday afternoon, with the winner of each match-up continuing toward the bracket final. The Ladies Challenge is run similar to the Super Challenge with a maximum of 16 drivers, depending on the number of entrants among the three ladies classes. The Pro Solo Finale is also the culmination of a year long points chase much like the class competition in the KY Region. Drivers are awarded points based on their results from Pro Solo events throughout the year.

There was only one KYR member at the Pro Solo Finale this year. Adam Norton was in a tight competition throughout the year in the Street Rear Wheel Drive class. (In the Pro Solos all of the classes that do not have enough participation for their own class are grouped into larger classes based on PAX. These include Street RWD, Street FWD, and Street AWD for the street class cars; Street Prepared A, Street Prepared B, R1, and R2 for the race tire cars.) After two days of back and forth racing against Corvettes, Porsche GT3s, Mustangs, Miatas, and M3s, Adam finished just one spot out of the trophies in 6th out of 15 competitors. This is a very strong showing for Adam’s first Pro Finale.

After the Pro Finale, the SCCA Solo National Championships kick off that following Tuesday on September 2nd. The event is run like a normal Solo autocross event, but is spread over two days on two different lengthy courses. This year had near record attendance with 1,161 entries from across the US and Canada. Due to the size of this event the classes are broken into heats on either Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday.

Adam Norton was the lone KYR member in attendance this year, however he had support from neighboring CKR members Cindy Duncan, Laura Harbour, Justin Harbour, George Schweikle, and Dee Schweikle.

Like any National event the majority of the fun happens off of the race track. This year’s Nationals paddock was no different. Many regions travel in large numbers and take over sections of the paddock for events. These events included a Beer Garden with local brew selections from all over the country, a Pig Roast hosted by the Atlanta Region, Big Wheel Pro Solo in the Texas Paddocks, and a Tacos and Talent Welcome Party talent show hosted by Grassroots Motorsports and the City of Lincoln.

Once the competition kicked off on Tuesday it was four days of back and forth, tight races, sometimes decided by thousandths of a second. The KYR and CKR regions had an awesome showing and took home plenty of hardware.

KYR member, Adam Norton, finished 4th in a very tough field of 29 in the E Street class taking home a trophy in his first ever trip to Nationals.

CKR member Laura Harbour won her second jacket taking home the win in GS Ladies class and Cindy Duncan finished in second place in FS Ladies.

Finally, for those that wanted to stick around for the final weekend the SCCA National Office decided to experiment with bribing back the Solo Trials. Solo Trials events are run like an Autocross except with much larger, open, courses, less cones, and a higher than average speed.

As the season winds to an end lets make a push next year as a region to get more and more people out to National events. KY Region has the size, and we certainly know how to have a good time, so there is no reason there shouldn’t be articles written about the KYR Paddock next year at Nationals. Paddock Bourbon Trail anyone?

Eric Brown – 2014 Ford Focus ST


Event Chair Wrap-Up PE #9

Points Event #9 brought us to a new lot at KFEC, a wide open space with only 3 light poles to work around. Ray Dsouza designed a fun and challenging course that made great use of the lot’s size. 70 competitors braved another rainy day of racing. A nearly constant drizzle haunted the first heat, but that didn’t stop the action.

STX was the class to watch with a fight between Shawn Lambert, Ray Dsouza, and Johnathan Sexton for the win. Shawn squeezed out the win over Johnathan by 3 tenths, but he is still trailing Ray by 9 points for Driver of the Year, with Adam Norton trailing by 4 points in third. Another extremely close battle raged on in E Street where Rich Hughes nudged out Dave Melton for the win by a slim 0.023 seconds!
The second heat drivers had luck on their side with no rain and a drying track. Chris Schork and Josh Owens fought for the win in STR, both driving Josh’s S2000 CR. The two were neck end neck until the 4th runs where Josh took the lead over Chris by 9 tenths of a second. Josh had another fight on his hands for FTD against Chris Evans in his always impressive EVO X. Chris had a very quick run of 49.1 seconds, but Josh would be victorious with his 4th run of 48.694.

Despite the rainy weather, PE#9 came off without a hitch and a great time was had by all, as well as a few margaritas at our regular after party. Thanks to everyone for all the opportunity to chair the event and for all the hard work, and lack of sleep, to make this weekend a huge success! Points Event #10 is September 21. Let’s all make an effort for a big turn out for out last event and another fun day of competition!

Stephen Lee, 2002 Honda S2000, and Erin Polley. 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero


My First Autocross Experience

KYSCCA Points Event #8 was my very first autocross experience and was a blast! Even though it rained the majority of the event it was still fun sliding around on the course built with cones in the parking lot at UPS on Grade Lane and watching some cars spin-cycle… safely of course. The club members from KYSCCA were very helpful as well. Every time I had a question someone was there to help me. They announced throughout the event so everyone knew where they were going, when they were driving and when they were working.
The only issue that I did have was with working the course. I did not know how, so I was lost trying to figure out where cones were after they were hit due to the rain washing away the chalk outlines. All in all, it was a great time.

I would definitely recommend this to my friends and plan on coming back for more so, see you at the next autocross!
Katie Carver – 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer


Event Chair Wrap-Up PE #8

Points Event #8 on August 17, 2014 was yet another great event for KYSCCA. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we had a great turnout at 71 drivers. Both heats ran smoothly and without incident. We had some under tents, some with umbrellas, some wearing the always flattering trash bag and some tough guys who just didn’t care and walked around in the pouring rain (Matt Coleman). We saw the Coleman brothers (who are both used to not having any traction) in the very wet first heat wrestle their Corvette’s around to some impressive times. Definitely the passenger seat to be in if you were brave enough. The Second heat was dominated by Ray Dsouza in his 2009 Mazda Speed 3 AKA “front wheel drive family car” taking FTD and PAX.

Course design by Shawn Lambert was an exceptional addition to his list of exceptionally fun list of courses. Perfect for the conditions Mother Nature provided. The cone fetching was at a minimum which was very important due to the chalk lines being washed away in the first heat. Thank you Shawn.

After getting there at 5:30 am to help unload trailer, and doing whatever I could to help out, I realized how much actually goes into putting on one of these events. There is a hand full of guys and gals that show up when it’s still dark so that everything is ready to go when the rest of us show up. Without them, we wouldn’t have such great events. I can’t thank them enough.

I also want to thank everyone for having me as the event chair. It was a great experience. Looking forward to Points Event #9 on August 31, 2014!

Chris Evans, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO


KYSCCA Points Event #7 Wrap-Up

Yet another very well organized event by KYSCCA is in the books. Thanks for the honor of being your Event Chair for Points Event #7, the weather stayed clear and we all had a blast! Your very challenging course was designed by Raymond Dzousa assisted by Shawn Lambert. SSS required no course “fixes”.
By the numbers:
90 drivers. First car off at 10:26 am, last car in at 2:10 pm. We did 445 timed runs in 224 minutes! (not counting Shawn Lambert’s 17 re-runs…).
Of our field of 90 drivers, 9 were there to race with our club for the first time (yes, a full 10%).
Since we finished early, we squeezed in about 25 minutes worth of fun runs, picked up our cones and headed to the “after-dinner” at El Nopal with 22 in attendance.
Today, plain and simple, was very smooth! It started with line free registration, Tony Shulthise’s rapid novice walk, our short but always amazingly informational drivers’ meeting, and then an excellent job by our grid, trailer, and course workers to keep everything moving smoothly. Everyone was paying attention and we got cars on and off course quickly, efficiently, and safely! Even RE Jamey McDaniel relaxed for a bit and hit the course to shag a few cones during the fun runs!
Autocross Sundays always have a few challenges…. We saw an Evo spewing lug nuts (but he found them). We also saw an Evo trying to shed its exhaust (hey, it was a heck of a launch though…). That one called for enthusiastic radio calls for a flag, which eventually flew and the exhaust was saved… We saw a spinout or two and a few brief red flags (ever seen a Volvo 242 spin? It is loud!). Lastly, we saw some incredibly fast runs (including FTD) by Bruce Domeck in a beautiful 1969 Lotus Elan!
Several positive comments from guests who call other regions home painted a picture we already knew. We have an excellent club that is laying down some awesome events. Keep talking about it on social media and let’s keep growing! See ya in August and drive well! Michael Salvo, Nissan 350Z


It didn’t rain!

That’s right folks, a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there but in truth no rain. Today’s course was longer than average for this particular event site. 67 Drivers, 6 Runs Each, 48 Additional Fun Runs & Nachos by 4:00PM is a perfect Sunday.
Today’s event included many special moments:
-MC Russ Coleman’s “Fun Facts about Volvo”
-#fivedeep Fun Runs
-Many Cones
-Many Spin-Cycles
We are so fortunate to have a club so willing to work hard and play hard all at the same time.
Please join us at the next event located at KFEC on Sunday, July 20, 2014


Bachelor Party AutoX Style!

PE5 4 PE5 3 PE5 1

KYSCCA Points Event #5 Welcomed a lively bachelor party of five friends who love cars in a class all to themselves!

We also celebrated Father’s Day with a huge turnout of Dads & Kids of all ages that had never attended or driven at an AutoX. Some came from as a far as Toledo, Ohio. We are lucky to have great Dads & Kids in our club!

Sunday was a beautiful day for autocross! 93 Drivers & 40+ Fun Runs, is how this club celebrates summer. The new lot at KFEC had plenty of covered spectator space, indoor bathrooms for part of the day and our terrific sponsors supplied snacks & drinks to keep us energized and hydrated. After clean-up & trophies, some of the gang enjoyed a quick bite at El Nopal where even more talk about cars and racing was had over chips, queso, guac and possibly a margarita or two.

Did you know the KYSCCA is now considered a “Medium Size Region” with 200+ Members?! As a larger region we have better opportunities for sponsors, more AutoX and hopefully other SCCA Racing (RallyX Anyone?!?) Stay Tuned for some very exciting club news!

Click HERE for Sunday’s Race Results! A fierce competition it was our top six raw times were all within 0.5 seconds of each other!

Don’t forget to pre-register for Points Event #6 HERE



Celebrate your Dad!

On June 15, 2014 The KYSCCA will be celebrating Father’s Day the only way we know how: A fun day full of AUTOCROSS! Receive $5 off each entry when you and your Father Figure BOTH race. If you want to pay online, then please use discount code “2014FATHER” during checkout. REMINDER: This is only for drivers & their Fathers. All other competitors must pay the full $30 or $40 to participate.

We have several SCCA Families in our region and look forward to seeing as many Two Generation Autocrossers on the course.

Brian Mason & Wade Mason… & Cody Mason
Jay Evans & Chris Evans
Jason Story & Ethan Wilson
Michael Salvo & Cole Salvo

Thank you so much for being awesome!

Because Race Car!

Click here to register for the Event on June 15th

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