2016 KYSCCA Awards Banquet and Celebration

In Feburary, the KYSCCA Banquet returns to Kingfish on the River in Louisville, KY.  We hope you all can attend for dinner, drinks, and good times.

Saturday, February 4th at 6pm

Kingfish on the River
3021 River Rd
Louisville, KY 40207

Please register via MSR using this link http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2016-kyscca-year-end-banquet-kingfish-resturant-scca-kentucky-619577

Thank you



Due to poor road conditions, the winter weather advisories, and the NWS calling for more snow this evening and temperatures below freezing we are canceling the Membership Meeting scheduled for tonight. I would not feel right asking anyone to drive in what could be dangerous conditions after the sun goes down.
The next general membership meeting will be held at the Banquet on February 4th, and we are looking to schedule the March membership meeting in a location that is convenient for both Louisville and Bowling Green members.
Thank you for your understanding, and everyone be safe.


2015 March Membership Meeting

Hi everyone…

Just would like to invite everyone out to BlueGrass Indoor Karting this Thursday 3/5 for our monthly meeting at 7 pm. We will also have Jerry Cabe and others coming from Cincinnati to tell our membership at large about corner working, and the worker chief training programs that are needed to put on road races at SCCA affiliated tracks Like Mid Ohio, NCM and others across North America.

Hope to see you guys there and bring 5.00 for Jets Pizza if you’d like to have a eating meeting 🙂



AUTOX & Health Insurance

What’s up with the health insurance open enrollment?
OK, I know… What does healthcare insurance have to do with Autocross? That’s a great question. It could be answered by the corner worker who was on course without a spotter, not paying attention and texting pictures of cars driving. He would tell you that he was in need of some serious health insurance after he was flipped up in the air by a low flying C5 Vette. Needless to say, he needed health insurance. So there you go…
Those of you who currently have a healthcare insurance plan have an opportunity to make changes to your plan for the 2015 year. In fact, there is a good chance that if you have been on a plan for more than a couple of years, then it may be ending on the last day of 2014, or you will be auto-enrolled into the next plan at a much higher premium (at the decision of your current insurance carrier). Most of you have received a letter from your carrier explaining that your plan will be ending or changing, leaving you without insurance effective 1/1/2015. So what this means is that you need to take a look at your coverage and make any needed changes for 2015, which can be done beginning this November 15th.
Those of you who have no healthcare insurance are not only subject to potentially high medical costs in the event of an accident, disease, or illness, but will be hit with fines from the federal government for not having “credible” healthcare insurance coverage.
What are your options? There are a few ways to do this. Some small businesses have their own online exchange that will allow the employee to log onto the specific healthcare options offered through the employer group. In most cases you, the employee, would have been made aware of this and been given some sort of guidance on how to enroll or participate.
Another way is to log onto KYNECT and try to figure out everything on your own. You will need to understand insurance types, deductibles and co-pays, and what networks go with which plan. Prescription plan benefits are also an important consideration and would need to be reviewed in detail to suit your personal requirements.
The best way, and most logical option, would be to discuss this with a licensed health insurance agent. Sure, I‘m going to suggest working with an agent because I’m an agent. The great part is that it doesn’t cost you anything to let me do all the tedious research for you! An agent knows all the ins and outs of navigating the KYNECT “exchange“ system while also reviewing the individual insurance companies that would work best for you. In most cases the agent will find you the best deal and get you the correct premium subsidy as well.
So get covered for 2015. Enclosed you will find important dates and information pertaining to the upcoming open enrollment periods.

Important dates concerning your healthcare insurance

October 15th 2014 – December 7th 2014
This is the annual Medicare open enrollment period. Medicare is insurance coverage for people that are age 65+ or disabled. This is the only opportunity to sign up or make changes to your Medicare plan for the 2015 coverage period.
You may have already received or will soon be receiving your plan information for 2015. There will be changes in each and every plan, so if you have any questions or concerns now is the time to find out more.

November 15th 2014 – February 15th 2015
This is the individual (non-Medicare) health insurance open enrollment period. This is your opportunity to sign up or make changes to your health insurance plan for 2015.
To be compliant with the Affordable Care Act “Obama Care” guidelines, every citizen of the United States must carry a “qualified health plan” to avoid financial penalties.

Russ Coleman / Principle Agent
Coleman & Associates Insurance Group
806 Stone Creek Parkway Suite #7
Louisville, KY 40223
russ@colemanagent.com / www.colemanagent. com


KYSCCA Fun Event 3 Event Chair Review.

Fun Event #3 @KFEC October, 12, 2014

Despite a depressing forecast, and a constant threat of rain, the KYSCCA Fun Event #3 went off without a hitch on what turned out to be a beautiful, cool, partly cloudy day.  The threat of bad weather lead to a smaller than normal turnout of 57 competitors, but it did not water down the competition across the classes and in the Final PAX and Raw Time contests.  First car was off at 10:30am, 5 runs for everyone, and the trailer was packed and people were heading to El Nopal early enough to get a margarita before the afternoon NFL games kicked off.

The course was fantastic, using a cross-over design to have a 45 second course on a relatively small lot.  The first half was very fast, and the second half was very interesting.  Thanks to some dirt, mud, and sand accumulation in one section we got our first taste of RallyX in the KY Region.  Dust clouds, tail slides, and some crazy drifting made it all the more exciting. A great preview to the 2015 season when we hope to host our region’s first RallyX.

As for the results, it was Slam(bert) Dunk for the #76 STX RX8.  Shawn put together a smoking 42.539 in the first heat which held on to be the #1 PAX and the #1 Raw Time.  It was a Colemanesque performance to grab all the hardware.  (Just ask him about that one time in CKR, trust me he’ll tell you all about it).   Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the return of the famous “Stephen Lee’d” by none other than the Stephen Lee in SMF!

Up next for KYR is the Inaugural National Corvette Museum event on October 26th at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowlling Green, KY.  If you have not registered yet, do so now and save $10 HERE.  There is also a Test & Tune on the site that Saturday, October 25th beginning at approximately 12:00 CST. 3 runs will be $10, cash only and YES, you will be able to register, tech & walk the course Saturday! Join us for the first of many future events at this awesome new event site in the KY Region!

Eric Brown – 2014 Ford Focus ST


Showdown Event Recap PE10

KYSCCA Points Event #10
This was the last point event of the year and many championships for classes and Diver of the Year was up for grabs.

A dry and breezy morning welcomed over 80 autocrossers to the UPS Grade Lane Lot where we had two heats and six runs each.

Excitement was in the air as the 2014 Driver of the Year would be decided between Raymond Dsouza, Shawn Lambert and Adam Norton. With only a 3.5 point lead, Adam pulled out a win. Congratulations!

We had a large number of new faces and a large group for the novice walk. We would like to thank everyone who helped our newer folks have a great KYSCCA event experience. We did have a technical issue with the timing system that the club board is reviewing how the club may improve on recovery time for future events.

Thanks to Jam Pan food truck for providing delicious Jerk Pork and Chicken. It was a quick and easy lunch for the club. We look forward to having them back!
Overall, we had a fun and sa
fe event. We would like to encourage you to come out to our remaining Fun Events still to come in October. See you there!

Armando Manzo, PE10 Event Chair