2019 KYSCCA Permanent Number Registration


Welcome to the 2019 KYSCCA Permanent Number Registration. Please take the time to register any number & class you plan on competing with this year. For all subsequent events on MotorsportReg those numbers will appear at the top of list when registering. If you have any questions, please email kyscca@gmail.com


  • Single Driver Cars: Car numbers must be between 0-99 digits (no 00, 07, etc). If you normally run a single digit number with leading 0 please select the single digit from the list. We will correct the numbering at the event.
  • Two-Driver Cars: Car numbers for the 2nd driver must be 100 plus the 1st driver’s number (ex.98 & 198) Lowest numbered driver MUST run first.

Announcement: 2018 Banquet Details

Please join us Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Kingfish Restaurant to celebrate the 2018 Season, its class winners, driver of the year and a few surprise awards.
6:00 PM Doors and Cash Bar Open
7:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Awards

Bring your friends, spouses & kids.

Because the next best thing to playing race car is reliving all of the moments spent playing race car with your fellow competitors and supporters.

Tickets can be paid for through MotorSportsReg.com, mail (to the address below), or at the door (cash only)

Tickets: $24.00 (Price includes 6% Ky Sales tax)
Guest: $19.00 (Price includes 6% Ky Sales tax)
Child: $14.00 (Price includes 6% Ky Sales tax)

Snail Mail Registration:
Please send check or money order to:
9006 Duxbury Rd
Louisville KY 40242
Please note # of adults & children.