KYSCCA Fun Event 3 Event Chair Review.

Fun Event #3 @KFEC October, 12, 2014

Despite a depressing forecast, and a constant threat of rain, the KYSCCA Fun Event #3 went off without a hitch on what turned out to be a beautiful, cool, partly cloudy day.  The threat of bad weather lead to a smaller than normal turnout of 57 competitors, but it did not water down the competition across the classes and in the Final PAX and Raw Time contests.  First car was off at 10:30am, 5 runs for everyone, and the trailer was packed and people were heading to El Nopal early enough to get a margarita before the afternoon NFL games kicked off.

The course was fantastic, using a cross-over design to have a 45 second course on a relatively small lot.  The first half was very fast, and the second half was very interesting.  Thanks to some dirt, mud, and sand accumulation in one section we got our first taste of RallyX in the KY Region.  Dust clouds, tail slides, and some crazy drifting made it all the more exciting. A great preview to the 2015 season when we hope to host our region’s first RallyX.

As for the results, it was Slam(bert) Dunk for the #76 STX RX8.  Shawn put together a smoking 42.539 in the first heat which held on to be the #1 PAX and the #1 Raw Time.  It was a Colemanesque performance to grab all the hardware.  (Just ask him about that one time in CKR, trust me he’ll tell you all about it).   Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the return of the famous “Stephen Lee’d” by none other than the Stephen Lee in SMF!

Up next for KYR is the Inaugural National Corvette Museum event on October 26th at NCM Motorsports Park in Bowlling Green, KY.  If you have not registered yet, do so now and save $10 HERE.  There is also a Test & Tune on the site that Saturday, October 25th beginning at approximately 12:00 CST. 3 runs will be $10, cash only and YES, you will be able to register, tech & walk the course Saturday! Join us for the first of many future events at this awesome new event site in the KY Region!

Eric Brown – 2014 Ford Focus ST