KYSCCA Regional Championship Rules

An annual SCCA membership is required to be eligible for year end awards. An SCCA member must compete in one class for a minimum of half the total events plus one to be eligible for a year-end award. For example, if there are six events, then an SCCA member must attend four events to be eligible for a year end trophy. In this example, the best four results by an SCCA member will count toward year-end awards. The number of awards in a class will be determined by the number eligible in that class. That number will be equivalent to the ratio given to a class at an event. Byway of example and not limitation, there may be one (1) trophy per three (3) or fraction of three (3) entries. Such ratios shall be determined within the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Kentucky Region.

A KYSCCA region membership is required to qualify for superlative awards such as Driver of the Year, Rookie of the Year, etc.

Points earned for each event are calculated as follows:

Points = 100 – [900 x (entrant’s time -class winning time)/ class winning time].

A minimum of twenty (20) points will be awarded to a competing participant when he or she has initiated at least one timed run. These rules will be published on the Kentucky Region website ( and in DownShift prior to the competition season. They will also be addressed at drivers’ meetings early in the season. However, it is the responsibility of the competing individual to know the eligibility rules.

Index classing will not effect year end awards. resource: