2015 Tire Rack Bowling Green Match Tour (UPDATE)

The SCCA Tire Rack Bowling Green Match Tour event was in full swing at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park this weekend. Be sure to visit the SCCA’s website to get all the info including results.


Solomatter.com has a full writeup recapping the Match Tour event. Check it out at http://www.solomatters.com/2015_tire_rack_kentucky_match_tour_event_recap


Event Chair Wrap-Up PE #8

Points Event #8 on August 17, 2014 was yet another great event for KYSCCA. Even though the weather wasn’t the best, we had a great turnout at 71 drivers. Both heats ran smoothly and without incident. We had some under tents, some with umbrellas, some wearing the always flattering trash bag and some tough guys who just didn’t care and walked around in the pouring rain (Matt Coleman). We saw the Coleman brothers (who are both used to not having any traction) in the very wet first heat wrestle their Corvette’s around to some impressive times. Definitely the passenger seat to be in if you were brave enough. The Second heat was dominated by Ray Dsouza in his 2009 Mazda Speed 3 AKA “front wheel drive family car” taking FTD and PAX.

Course design by Shawn Lambert was an exceptional addition to his list of exceptionally fun list of courses. Perfect for the conditions Mother Nature provided. The cone fetching was at a minimum which was very important due to the chalk lines being washed away in the first heat. Thank you Shawn.

After getting there at 5:30 am to help unload trailer, and doing whatever I could to help out, I realized how much actually goes into putting on one of these events. There is a hand full of guys and gals that show up when it’s still dark so that everything is ready to go when the rest of us show up. Without them, we wouldn’t have such great events. I can’t thank them enough.

I also want to thank everyone for having me as the event chair. It was a great experience. Looking forward to Points Event #9 on August 31, 2014!

Chris Evans, 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO


August Newsletter Now Available


This month read about Adam Norton’s experience at the SCCA National tour in Wilmington, OH, a write up from the Points Event #7 Event Chair, Mike Salvo, about the event, and results from a recent survey asking members what they want from the club.

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OK Folks, The Holley LS Fest is coming up Sept 5-7 and the kyscca will once again be hosting the Autocross! Last year we had a blast and this year will be even bigger and better! We are looking for 2 things from our kyscca friends and members:
1. If you have an LS powered car enter the autocross and 3S challenge! Last year Russ Coleman went down, had a blast and nearly won the Autocross! The 3S challenge will be the most fun and coolest event you’ve ever driven in guaranteed and you will get so many runs you might need an extra set of tires to get home!
2. If your not entering the event we need volunteers to help work the event. The Autocross is held all day Friday and Saturday and the 3S Challenge is Sunday. We will feed you, put you up in a room and most importantly you will get a credit toward a kyscca autocross entry for EACH day you work! Included in all this fun is watching some big time (all LS Powered of course) Drift guys compete in between autocross sessions and some crazy fast drag cars going at it all weekend too! Last year we had a blast, this year will be even more fun so you do not want to miss out on this one so help the club in one of it’s largest fund raising events of the year and hang out with your buddies for a couple days surrounded by some cool people and cars! Post up here or message me if you can help, and I will be in touch with details.

-Brian Mason, Activities Director, KYSCCA


KYSCCA 2015 Nominations

KYSCCA Presents: 2015 Nominations:

The Annual Club Elections are rapidly approaching. Any member in good standing has the right to run for any office up for election. As always there are two seats on the “Board of Trustees”, Regional Executive (RE), Activities Director, Treasurer and Secretary. If you wish to run for any of these positions, you need to notify a member of the “Election Committee” (Bruce Domeck, Tony Morrow & Nathan Steinke) September 1, 2014. (Plan on attending the August 27, 2014 Board Meeting to nominate.)  All candidates and members who wish to be a part of this process should attend the September 4, 2014 Membership Meeting. Nominees will be allowed to address the membership at this meeting.

KYSCCA’s 2014 Leadership:

Regional Executive: Jamey McDaniel (up for election)
Activities Director: Brian Mason (up for election)
Secretary: Armando Monza (up for election)
Treasurer: Richard Sinnock (up for election)
Board Member: Tony Morrow (vacating)
Board member: Bruce Domeck (vacating)

Board members Shawn Lambert, Dave Melton, Nathan Steinke & Rich Sinnock, will continue their terms on the board of Trustees.

Board meetings are held at 7pm on the last Wednesday of the month at Unique Automotive. All officers are required to miss no more than 3 consecutive meetings or forfeit their seat.

Membership meetings are held at 7pm on the first Thursday of the month at Bluegrass Indoor Karting. All officers are required to miss no more than 4 consecutive meetings or forfeit their seat.

Details from the By-Laws:


Any person qualified for membership in the national organization of the Sports Car Club of America shall be deemed qualified for membership in the Corporation.


The Regional Executive shall preside over the regular and special meeting of the membership of the Corporation and all other non-Board Meeting of the general membership, conduct elections, appoint committees, name chairmen, appoint persons to fill administrative positions as needed, and be the chief executive officer of the Corporation. Except as herein restricted or defined, the Regional Executive shall have the authority to act in the same manner and for the same purpose as the president of a like or similar corporation.


The Secretary and/or assistant shall keep minutes of all meetings of the membership of the Board of Trustees, and shall have the same available, for his/her term of office and the preceding year, at all official meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence of the Corporation and such duties within the office as are or may be delegated to said officer by the Board of Trustees and/or Regional Executive. The Secretary shall have authority to act in the same manner and for the same purpose as the secretary of a like or similar corporation.


The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds of the Corporation and its Chief Fiscal Officer. Said officer shall maintain the Corporation’s financial records in a recognized accounting or bookkeeping manner as directed by the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer shall make monthly reports of the financial transactions and affairs of the Corporation, and shall have all of the same available at all official meetings such reports as have been made and kept for the preceding year. Said officer shall, at Corporation expense, procure a fidelity bond in the amount at least equal to the beginning annual bank balance. Any person unable to procure such bond shall forthwith tender his/her resignation.


The Activities Director shall be in overall charge of, and be responsible for, all club events and the keeping and maintenance of all records relevant thereto such as required by the Sports Car Club of America or the Corporation.


A majority of the Board of Trustees, when officially assembled at a regular or special meeting of the Board, shall have the power to conduct the affairs of the Corporation not otherwise restricted by these By-Laws. There shall be included in the powers of the Board the authority to:

(a) Elect its own Chairman at its first regular meeting after election of new members of the Board. The

Chairman, when elected and seated as Chairman of the Board, shall have the authority to call and convene regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees, conduct the orderly disposition of the business properly before the Board, act as Chairman or moderator of all general or special membership meetings in absence of the Regional Executive and Assistant Regional Executive;

(b) Authorize and direct the Treasurer to draw on the funds of the Corporation such as necessary to carry out the Corporation’s business subject to the restriction elsewhere herein imposed;

(c) Hear protests and rule on disputes between members of the Corporation;

(d) Discipline or expel members pursuant to the provision of the within By-Laws; and/or the By-Laws, rules, or regulations of the Sports Car Club of America;

(e) Levy special assessments;

(f) Do all other lawful acts as Board of Directors of “not for profit” corporations, generally.


Voting for elective offices shall be by printed ballot. Printed ballots shall be mailed by the Secretary to each member in good standing before September 15th of each year. The Secretary shall provide pre-addressed envelopes, and all ballots shall be returned in said envelopes with envelopes having been signed on the outside by the voting member. Ballots not returned in the pre-addressed envelope with the signature of the voting member on the outside in the manner as prescribed, shall be excluded from consideration and shall not be counted, except that any member may personally hand deliver his/her ballot in a plain envelope bearing his/her signature on the outside thereof. All sealed envelopes containing the voting ballots must be received by the election committee before 8:00 p.m. current local time of the day of the election meeting. Opening of ballots envelopes and counting of the ballots shall be by the election committee only at the October meeting, and in such a manner that the identity of each voter is not disclosed. The results of the election shall be announced at that meeting and published, but without reference to the number of votes received by each candidate. Candidates receiving the greatest number of votes for their respective offices shall be deemed to have been elected. If with respect to any elected office, the number of valid nominations received does not exceed the number required to fill that office, the procedures set forth in the previous paragraph of this section will not apply. The Secretary shall empower a regular member in good standing to cast one vote for each nominee, and, upon casting such vote, such nominee or nominees shall be elected.

The elected officers and trustees shall take office on January 1st next following their election. In the event the election results in a tie between two or more candidates for any elective office, the Board of Trustees at a special or regular meeting shall, by action of the majority of the Board, break the tie, such action of the Board to be by secret ballot.