2015 Driving School & Test-n-Tune Registration Now Open

Are you looking to gain an edge over your fellow competitors? Do you think the setup of your car needs adjusted? Now is the time to find out. The 2014 KYSCCA Autocross Driving School and Test-n-Tune is Saturday May 23rd. Information can be found in the links below.




KYSCCA Points Event #7 Wrap-Up

Yet another very well organized event by KYSCCA is in the books. Thanks for the honor of being your Event Chair for Points Event #7, the weather stayed clear and we all had a blast! Your very challenging course was designed by Raymond Dzousa assisted by Shawn Lambert. SSS required no course “fixes”.
By the numbers:
90 drivers. First car off at 10:26 am, last car in at 2:10 pm. We did 445 timed runs in 224 minutes! (not counting Shawn Lambert’s 17 re-runs…).
Of our field of 90 drivers, 9 were there to race with our club for the first time (yes, a full 10%).
Since we finished early, we squeezed in about 25 minutes worth of fun runs, picked up our cones and headed to the “after-dinner” at El Nopal with 22 in attendance.
Today, plain and simple, was very smooth! It started with line free registration, Tony Shulthise’s rapid novice walk, our short but always amazingly informational drivers’ meeting, and then an excellent job by our grid, trailer, and course workers to keep everything moving smoothly. Everyone was paying attention and we got cars on and off course quickly, efficiently, and safely! Even RE Jamey McDaniel relaxed for a bit and hit the course to shag a few cones during the fun runs!
Autocross Sundays always have a few challenges…. We saw an Evo spewing lug nuts (but he found them). We also saw an Evo trying to shed its exhaust (hey, it was a heck of a launch though…). That one called for enthusiastic radio calls for a flag, which eventually flew and the exhaust was saved… We saw a spinout or two and a few brief red flags (ever seen a Volvo 242 spin? It is loud!). Lastly, we saw some incredibly fast runs (including FTD) by Bruce Domeck in a beautiful 1969 Lotus Elan!
Several positive comments from guests who call other regions home painted a picture we already knew. We have an excellent club that is laying down some awesome events. Keep talking about it on social media and let’s keep growing! See ya in August and drive well! Michael Salvo, Nissan 350Z


It didn’t rain!

That’s right folks, a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there but in truth no rain. Today’s course was longer than average for this particular event site. 67 Drivers, 6 Runs Each, 48 Additional Fun Runs & Nachos by 4:00PM is a perfect Sunday.
Today’s event included many special moments:
-MC Russ Coleman’s “Fun Facts about Volvo”
-#fivedeep Fun Runs
-Many Cones
-Many Spin-Cycles
We are so fortunate to have a club so willing to work hard and play hard all at the same time.
Please join us at the next event located at KFEC on Sunday, July 20, 2014