Track News

I am happy to inform you that we are taking the first steps in the next level of motorsport activities with the SCCA.

It all started with Solo where you gained valuable experience and knowledge about high performance driving.  Now you can take that and apply it to road courses.  So, how do we get you there?

4 Event Levels:
Performance Driving Experience, PDX
Club Trials
Track Trials
Club Racing

PDX provides an instructional environment for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle.  We provide class and hands on instruction one-on-one with a qualified instructor.

Club Trials adds advanced driving techniques, competition rules and timing elements.  There will be a higher driver to instructor ratio.  Instructors will critique and be a valuable resource for drivers as they develop their skills throughout the day.

Track Trials is where unprepared cars get sidelined and the course gets faster.  Car classes are put together and you are in the chase of the fastest time.  This is not wheel-to-wheel racing and you are restricted to fewer laps in contrast to the previous levels.  Solo type of competition on the road course!

Finally you enter into Club Racing.  This is full blown wheel-to-wheel racing.

First Steps:
We are currently gathering information, putting together a track committee and getting a game plan together to host these types of events.

This is where you can get involved today.  To put on these events we need qualified and licensed Chiefs in specialty positions.  This will take time and a sincere commitment by volunteers.  We will be receiving help from other regions to help train and enable us to participate in their events as Chief Apprentices.  They will also augment our region on staffing future events.

So if you are interested in Flagging/Communications, Safety, Inspections, Grid and Start control, these are specialties you can get licensed for.  This will involve traveling to events and spending entire weekends of volunteering at track events.  We will post information and scheduling the new Track Committee meetings.

Again, it’s an exciting time for our region.  You can be a part of it as being a participant or as an important team member to host these events.

Thank you,
Armando Manzo