Novice Program

Brand new autocrossers (or newer drivers that have not completed a full season previously) will be eligible to take part in this class.

Novice class drivers will be competing against other novice drivers in a PAX based point system. PAX is an index system designed to equalize participants running cars from different SCCA Solo classes. The PAX value is a multiplier used on the entrant’s time, and then compared directly with other class competitors and their PAX multiplied time.

This class will have its own awards for each event and will have its own year-end points. Once a novice driver wins the novice class at a points event, they will no longer be eligible to receive individual event awards for the novice class but are still eligible for regular class trophies. Please note that even after you win a novice event trophy you are not kicked out of the class! You will still be competing and accumulating novice year end points.

When you arrive, please inform the trailer during registration that you are a novice driver. This will ensure you are placed in the correct class (and if you are a two-driver car this will help in trying to get you and your co-driver scheduled in the same heat). You will get special instruction as well as some swag for this new class.

The novice chiefs will meet and greet first-time drivers when they arrive. This allows a good opportunity to go over what to expect/the flow of the day, how to grid, safety and individual car tech and they can answer any questions. The novice chiefs are there to get your day started on the right foot. Your current 2019 Novice Chiefs are Zachary Yurt and Jacob Zimmerlee. Feel free at any time to approach either of them or message them on Facebook.

Novice walk – At the start of every event the novice chiefs will have a novice walk (open to all, even the pros) that will offer general direction on how to attack the course of the day and also offer opportunity for open questions.

Personal course walk – If you need additional instruction, have questions about a specific element or need additional navigation help one of the novice chiefs will walk the course with you after the novice walk.

Worker instruction – the chiefs will show you what constitutes as a +1 (or more), the criteria for DNF, how to use the radio to call in cones, what to do if you have the red flag and open floor for general questions.

When it is your turn to drive the novice chiefs will be available to offer both instruction and guidance; their only job is to help you go faster. When it comes time for you to pull to the line, don’t worry. We’ve got you!

Coached runs – Have an instructor ride with you and offer feedback both during and after your run

Instructor runs – Have an instructor drive your car once during your heat with you observing. This is specifically helpful if you are having issues navigating the course or need help negotiating a particular course element

Ride Alongs – (If run/work permissible) hop in the passenger seat with an instructor or another experienced driver if you are having issues navigating the course

At the end of the day, during the recap and awards, the Novice class will have its own trophy session. After the awards, the novice chiefs will hold a post-event Q&A session.

We look forward to meeting you!

Previous Rookie of the Year winners:

 2018  Richard Kenny
 2017  Zachary Yurt
 2016  Matt Fowler
 2015  Michael Neat