New AUTOX Site in the Kentucky Region

Ladies & Gentlemen,

KYSCCA Leadership is pleased to announce the NCM Motorsports Park AUTOX Pad as our newest event site boasting more unblemished acres of BEAUTIFUL AUTOX OPPORTUNITY than we have ever seen. We feel so fortunate that this site is part of our region and we look forward to hosting multiple events next year. Our region typically stays in Greater Louisville to host AUTOX events at sites like UPS & KFEC so this is new territory for us as a club. Holding events at NCM Motorsports Park takes our region to the next level. We hope our sister regions, CKR, WKR, TNR, etc will join us when we host events.

Yes, one or more of our points events will be held at the new site.
Yes, we are going to plan two day events to increase the drive time since we are increasing the travel time for the majority of our membership.

This year drivers traveled from Detroit, Columbus, Chattanooga, Fort Wayne and many other two-hour+ distances to join us for our First Night AUTOX. With this in mind we look forward to increasing our membership between here and Bowling Green with the new site and continuing to encourage drivers everywhere to attend our events.

The FIRST event hosted by KYSCCA at NCM is the Inaugural AUTOX, October 26, 2014. There is a SCCA Starting Line School the day before as well as a Test & Tune by KYSCCA beginning at 1:00 PM CST. This event is considered a Great Lakes Divisional. Many of our members and other region members will be traveling to the site for both days at their own expense for more seat time and more “bang for their buck.” Others will arrive onsite Sunday morning and treat it just like any AUTOX event. We are glad to have you all!

The KYSCCA Leadership, like the rest of our valued members are putting time in to make these events a reality on a volunteer basis. No one in our club gets compensated in anyway other than BIG SMILES PER DOLLAR while DRIVING at our events. We are always looking for more club members willing to give a little extra time to increase the club’s ability to host successful events. The door is always open for anyone to attend a membership meeting, ask questions, make suggestions and volunteer for the many opportunities to help.

The addition of the NCM AUTOX site is the first of many exciting additions to the KYSCCA Racing Resume to come in 2015. Stay tuned, there has never been a better time to a part of this amazing, spirited, growing club of wonderful folk we call “KYSCCA” #BECAUSERACECAR

Annie Steinke