Who Wants FREE NCM Track Time 11.02.14?!?

As you may have noticed the SCCA is trying out a new program to get drivers out onto the track and they have chosen the new NCM Motorsports Park as the event site!Sunday, November 2nd is the date and KYSCCA is the hosting region.  Here’s the deal, we need 30 workers to volunteer for the day. The volunteers will work 1/2 the day either on the track as a corner worker (no experience necessary) or on the AUTOX pad as a corner worker. In exchange each volunteer will get two (2), yes I said 2 sessions on track for FREE!  If they do not want to get out and drive on the track they will receive a years SCCA membership or renewal.

KYSCCA has been given first opportunity to supply the needed 30 workers and if we cannot fill the roster they will reach out to our neighbors for the rest, We would love to completely fill their needs since this event is in OUR region.Click HERE to sign up!

Click HERE for the rules!

Activities Director