August Membership Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who joined us at KingPin in Jtown for our August Membership meeting. See below for quick summary:

1) The Board of Trustees has voted to resign from the Halloween Weekend Bracket Enduro and PDX due the financial risk and current position of the club. It is likely that the event will continue under a different club or group so please stay tuned for further information.

2) The Board of Trustees has also brought the 2015 Trailer Purchase back to the table. Previously this year Membership agreed for up to $18,500 towards all trailer improvement/replacement costs. Our current trailer at age 20+ is less usable with each tow. Stay tuned as more information will be available at the Board & Membership Meetings to come in the next few months.

3) September 11-13 is Holly LS Fest @Beachbend in Bowling Green. KYSCCA is hosting the autox and we are looking for volunteers. Keep an eye out for the sign-up genius we need folks all 3 days, water, Gatorade, lunch, dinner and lodging (4 to a room) is taken care of and for every day you work you will earn 1 free entry for each day you work. This will be our 3rd year participating and it is not only lucrative for the club but we have gained in membership both years previous.

4) The FOLLOWING weekend on Saturday, September 19 we are hosting a “TRSS” Tire Rack Street Survival School @KFEC The MSR is already up for students and will be soon for helpers and instructors.

*As of today there are 4 students already signed up. This program is very valuable to our community and we encourage you to spread the word and share the link below to anyone you know who might know a teen driver:

5) THAT SAME NIGHT… We will be hosting a T&T from 6pm to 10pm MSR will be up soon. IF you are an instructor or helper at TRSS your entry fee will only be $30. Regular Price will be $50 space is limited. Instructor & T&T Sign-Up Below

For more information about Board & Membership Meeting Dates & Locations please feel free to contact anyone in Leadership. We value your questions and opinions and our goal is to have fun and be efficient at providing excellent Motorsports events for our membership. There is always more to do and the easiest way to become in the know and get involved is to attend these meetings.


Annie Steinke
2015 KYSCCA Secretary