Bachelor Party AutoX Style!

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KYSCCA Points Event #5 Welcomed a lively bachelor party of five friends who love cars in a class all to themselves!

We also celebrated Father’s Day with a huge turnout of Dads & Kids of all ages that had never attended or driven at an AutoX. Some came from as a far as Toledo, Ohio. We are lucky to have great Dads & Kids in our club!

Sunday was a beautiful day for autocross! 93 Drivers & 40+ Fun Runs, is how this club celebrates summer. The new lot at KFEC had plenty of covered spectator space, indoor bathrooms for part of the day and our terrific sponsors supplied snacks & drinks to keep us energized and hydrated. After clean-up & trophies, some of the gang enjoyed a quick bite at El Nopal where even more talk about cars and racing was had over chips, queso, guac and possibly a margarita or two.

Did you know the KYSCCA is now considered a “Medium Size Region” with 200+ Members?! As a larger region we have better opportunities for sponsors, more AutoX and hopefully other SCCA Racing (RallyX Anyone?!?) Stay Tuned for some very exciting club news!

Click HERE for Sunday’s Race Results! A fierce competition it was our top six raw times were all within 0.5 seconds of each other!

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