Please Read! Announcements for tonight’s FUN Autox:
Rain or Shine, This Course is on Lot H, entry from Gate 6 is on the right.
If your car is NOT autocrossing you will need to park in Lot G and walk over.

Registration begins at 5pm and the course goes live at 7pm. You will still need to present your Dr. Lic. & SCCA ID. Non-Members please arrive as close to 5 as possible to fill out your weekend membership.
**Your car will be tech’d in grid.

Using round #s a description of grid and run work is as follows…
Group A = Grid Positions 1-25
Group B = Grid Positions 26-50
Group C = Grid Positions 51-75

The Course will remain live the entire night so when The Grid Worker tells you to go to your worker position, do it as quickly and safely as you can. The faster we are at worker change over the more runs for everyone!
We are not running classes and your number will depend on your worker position and two driver cars.
You will work one session and run the other two.
We are going to do our best to let you grid with friends.
We are going to fit in as many runs as possible.
Each DRIVER gets their own grid spot.
Don’t forget your helmet, pancho, water, etc.

**Let’s all work together to make this a great event. Teamwork is even more important tonight than at a normal event. If you need help or have questions please ask. Keep it safe, have fun, be happy! #becauseracecar